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ISM Western Washington's Business Survey - Has been published monthly since 1994.  The survey is patterned after ISM Report On Business® and represents Western Washington's diverse manufacturing sector. 

In order to collect a diverse and large sampling, we are currently recruiting participants for this survey.  The monthly time commitment is approximately 10-15 minutes. 

For more information about the business survey, please contact Diana Whitaker, Survey Chair at


August 2021

The month of August cannot be compared to July data, because there was not enough data available to do the report. We do however show decreases from June for most measures of the Western Washington manufacturing economy. The Index, at 52.7, lost 1.9 points from June, but the Forecast at 53.5 decreased 5.8points from 59.3 in June, indicating signs of a flatter economy. Prices, New Orders, inventory and Employment, were a bit down from June, while Production is up and all are forecasted higher in 90 days. Current Prices dipped a bit, but are forecasted to be a bit higher in 90 days. Supplier lead times were shorter, but forecasted longer in 90 days. The National figure for July was 59.5, a 2.6-point decrease from June. Problems with long lead
times for materials, also high expenses for Freight, continued to adversely affect business conditions in Western Washington.



December 2020

December was a down month.  Production, New Orders, and Employment all down, but forecasts higher.  Lead times shorter, but forecast longer. Inventories lower, forecasted higher. Prices lower, but forecasted higher.  Index at 49.4, a drop of 4.9 and in contraction territory.  Forecast back to expansion at 59.3.  National was 60.7, increasing 3.2 from November.



November 2020

November was an improvement over October.  Production, New Orders, Employment and their forecasts all were higher.  Lead times longer, Prices higher, Inventories were lower.  The WW Index was 54.3, an increase of 2.6 from October. Forecast was 51.4, an increase of 1.6 from October and back in expansion mode. The National index was 57.5, a drop of 1.8 from October.


Carol Kujawa receives an award for 20 years of service as ISM Western Washington Business Chairperson.

Carol Kujawa Retires From Business Survey

Carol Kujawa has retired as Chairperson of ISM-Western Western Washington business survey.  Carol served as the chairperson for 21 years.